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Zawód:Architekt #39, cover, 2014
New American Paintings #113, 2014
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Musee online review, 12/17/13
Review by Paul Longo. click for web page.
The New Science of Cities, cover
Author:Michael Batty, The MIT Press , 2013
Resurgence & Ecologist, Jan/Feb 2013
Art at Eaton Center
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Manufacturing Uncertainty, cover
Marlia Banning, author,
Peter Lang Publishing, 2013
Dpi Magazine, vol 155, March 2012
(Taiwan) interview, click image to see article
Harpers Magazine, Jan 2012
Images with article by Christopher Ketcham. Click on image to view entire article
San Francisco Chronicle, 2/16/12
Visual Arts, “Amy Casey” preview by Stephanie W. Hession. Click to enlarge
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